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Casal de Joves "Sa Teulera" (Place of young people )

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Casal de Jóvenes Sa Teulera

The casal young people aims to provide a venue for all young people of the village, a dynamic space and live where you can express themselves and enjoy a special place.


On the generalization, sex education, sociolinguistics, jazz, fair trade, feeding habits, on gender-based violence, on the aggressiveness in driving, cooking, precision, make-up, modern dance, tai-chi, yoga and computing of the comic , Dj's.

Coordinated activities

  • Week young
  • Week educational
  • Activities of summer
  • Activities of Christmas holiday
  • Exits and camping
  • Cultural outings
  • Outings to the cinema


  • Aids and youth
  • Anorexia and bulimia
  • Drugs
  • Sexuality

Service of computers and free Internet access

Will be able to have free connection to the Internet to:

  • Query network
  • Have your e-mail account
  • Browse the Internet
  • School Works

We also look forward your suggestions to make the programming of activities that truly meet your needs and tastes.

Address and contact details


Calle  Metge Gaspar Pujol, 68, 

 Andratx (Illes Balears)

Phone: 971-137345


De martes a viernes 16:00h a 20:00h

Contact details

Responsible: Francisco Mascaró Romero

Informadora juvenil: Xisca Bauzá
Dinamizador juvenil: Francisco Mascaró
Director de juventud y ocupación: Miquel Àngel Marroig
Concejal de juventud y deportes: Cecilia Ferrer

Email: casal_joves@andratx.cat

Date of last modification: 14 of octubre 2019 at 11:44

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